Walker County, Alabama Area Board of REALTORS

Consumer Help Page

- Know Your Rights

The consumer information guide is intended to provide buyers and sellers with a description of the different types of brokerage arrangements so that consumers can choose the type of brokerage services best suited to their needs.

- File a Complaint Against a Real Estate Professional

The complaint form may be used by a person desiring to file a complaint against any party or company when it is believed that the person or company may have violated the Alabama Real Estate License Law [Chapter 27 of Title 34 of the Code of Alabama 1975, as amended] or the Rules and Regulations of the Alabama Real Estate Commission. When received by the Commission, the completed form will be turned over to the investigative staff of the Commission. Their report will go to the Commission’s legal counsel for a determination as to whether action should be taken against the person or company.

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests and Related Information

- Verify a Real Estate Professional

Verify that a real estate professional is licensed. The enforcement jurisdiction of the Commission extends over persons and companies who have an Alabama real estate license, and to those who practice real estate without being properly licensed. Please report unlicensed real estate activity to the Commission.

You can research an international database for information you can use to determine whether or not the person with whom you are working is in fact authorized to assist you for a fee in a real estate transaction.

Use the search tool provided by ARELLO to verify a license.